Who Can Apply?

The fellowships of the South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) are reserved for its achievers. However SAIHS welcomes the social scientists around the globe, who have any role in the world of sexology.

Sexologists, psychologists, relationship therapists, sexuality educators, sex counselors, sex researchers, psychosexual therapists, individual therapists, couple therapists, lady heath workers, nurses, physicians and sex workers can apply for SAIHS-Fellowships.


Benefits of Joining

>> An attractive fellowship certificate with your name for workplace.
>> Use of designation “FSAIHS” following your name to signify fellowship status.
>> The option of “listing” of your name on the SAIHS website.
>> Effective communication with other sexuality professionals.
>> Channel of communication for exchanging of ideas.
>> Acquisition of useful informative handouts occasionally.
>> Access through SAIHS to other international and national organizations.
>> Precious chance to receive the prizes for work of excellence in sexology.