About Director

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, PhD “Professor of Sexology” is Director of the South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS). He is an eminent sexologist around the globe and is often called “The Love Guru”. He was born on 21 Jamadi-Ul-Awwal 1377 Hijri into an admirable family of Islamic theologians. His father was a great educationalist, philosopher, and author of many books on Islamic Mysticism (Tasawwuf); and his grandfather was a famous traditional physician and religious scholar; who was respected and honoured for his loyal contributions towards the treatment of general masses and preaching of the Islam.

Professor Jalali attained highest education in Sexology, Loveology, Holistic Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Islamic Studies (Uloom-E-Elahiyyah) and Urdu Language, Literature & Iqbaliat. He is Certified Sexologist of the American College of Sexologists (USA) and Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology (USA). He is Member of the Middle East Sexual Health Committee (WAS-Middle East). He is inventor of the Marvellous Sex Posture “CAMELEX” and had been awarded the Medal of Excellence from Colombo University. The Academy for Sexology (South Africa) also awarded him professional doctoral degree “Doctor Sexologiae” regarding his great contribution and splendid research in human sexuality.

Professor Jalali has been involved in the world of sexology for more than three decades. He has been working with various international universities, colleges and other organizations. He is lifetime Professor of Sexology at the Academy of Sexology International (HKSAR), lifetime Chairman & Visiting Professor of Nepal Institute of Human Sexuality (Nepal), lifetime Director &  Professor of Sexology at South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) and Sexpert with SimplySxy – The Sex & Sexuality Magazine (Singapore).

In the past, he had been working with various international universities and colleges as Dean & Professor of Human Sexuality Studies Programme in Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), United Kingdom, Vanuatu, Central America and Africa. His past was also bright with Pornographic Film Industries as Co-Director and Editor in USSR and USA.

Professor Jalali is a leading “Training Specialist”. He conducted many community and staff training programmes and delivered countless lectures on the subjects of Human Sexuality, Psychological Health, Drug Addiction, Spiritual Healing, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Motivation, Environmental Hygiene, Capacity Building, Business Management Skills, Leadership & Management Skills, Female Empowerment, Community Development, Poverty Alleviation, Activist Action Planning, Nazimeen & Councilors, Citizen Community Board Mobilization, Everyday Life of Lady Health Workers, Parents Teachers Association, Training of Teachers, Advanced Training of Teachers and Training of Trainers.

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, PhD is a unique Urdu Poet in the junction of Fourteenth & Fifteenth Centuries Hijri (Twentieth & Twenty-First Centuries AD). In the marvelous world of Urdu Poetry (Especially Odes), his name is in the record of greatest poets. His poetry is a beautiful aggregation of the traditional, bygone and modern poetry. Its example is impossible. He is also an impressive prose-writer, who is author of many books on various topics. He is also Co-Author of “The World Book of Love” as well. In the book his topic is “Live To Love”.

His some famous books are as below:

KIRDGAR-E-AWALAM (Tazkaar-E-Maarif-E-Elahiyyah)

AAH-E-SOZAN (Diwan-E-Jalali)

KHAAK-E-JIGAR (Urdu Mahiya)

NARGIS (Majmua-E-Nazm)

GAUHAR-E-SAADAT (Islami Shariat Mein Darhi Ki Fazilat)

MONGOL-E-AZAM (Historical Novel)

Ghazal – PROF. DR. R. Y. JALALI 

Bahut Ruswa Kya Is Aashiqi Ne Har Gali Mujhko

Singer:          Ijaz Qaiser
Year:             1987