Sex Clinic

Sex Clinic of the South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) is one of the excellent sex clinics around the globe. That provides long-life satisfactory treatment, sex therapy and psychosexual therapy for male sexual dysfunction, female sexual disorders and male and female infertility.

Clinic offers its specialized services for married and unmarried men and women of any age. Anybody who has any sex problem can consult without any hesitation with full confidence. The secrecy of our respectable patients is our first priority.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

Premature Ejaculation

Retarded Ejaculation

Penile Curvature

Small Penis Syndrome

Smallest Penis Size

Penis Shrinkage

Decreased Libido

Fear of Failure In Coitus

Andropause (Male Menopause)

Satyriasis (Uncontrollable Sexual Desire)

Painful Erections

Psychosexual Disorders

Female Sexual Sicknesses

Frigidity (Lack of Sexual Feelings)

Sexual Desire Disorder

Vaginismus (Making Penis Penetration Impossible)

Dyspareunia (Painful Coitus)

Anorgasmia (Inability to Achieve Orgasm)

Unpleasant Sexual Intercourse

Nymphomania (Excessive Sexual Desire)

Vaginal Looseness

Dilemma of the Loss of Virginity

Smallest Breast Size

Sagging & Unshapely Boobs

Smallest, Flat & Shapeless Buttocks

Menopausal Tribulations

Psychosexual Disorders

Male & Female Infertility

A couple unable to conceive pregnancy for one year after marriage is called infertile couple; and the state of non-conception of pregnancy is called infertility.

Pregnancy is normally a matter of chance. Although the egg and sperm are produced at right place and at right time, there is no guarantee that pregnancy will occur. Some couples would conceive immediately and some would take many months.

In the world approximately, one in ten couples is facing infertility problems; usually 40-50% with male, 30-40% with female and remaining 10-30% with both partners. However, the high fertility of one partner can sometimes compensate for the low fertility of the other.

 If any couple has been trying for a baby without success for a period of one year, they should consult to the doctor immediately.


Male Sexual Dysfunction Eradication

Pleasure Empowerment Techniques

Managing Small Penis Syndromes

Natural Supplements & Vitamin Therapy

Erotic Dietary Programmes

Sex Hormones & Sperm Count Enhancement

Modern & Effective Therapeutic Exercises

Family Conflict Resolution Methods

Marriage & Relationship Coaching

Positive Lifestyle Promotion Strategies

Female Sexual Health & Wellness Coaching

Becoming Highly Orgasmic Woman

Boosting Fertility & Conceiving Chances

Erotic Communication Competence

Building Strong Loving Relationships

Obesity Preventing & Controlling Measures

Female Curvy Body Workout

Safest & Healthy Sunbathing Advices

Breast Self Examination Teaching

Hypersexual & Phobic Disorders Management

Massotherapy & Rubdown

Making Attractive, Sizeable, Firmer & Perkier Boobs

Building Bigger, Broader & Rounded Buttocks

Reproductive Health Bodywork

Creating Optimum Conception’s Environment

Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Removing Conceiving Difficulties

Improving Egg Quality


Psychosexual Bodywork

Eradicating Dyspareunia & Vaginismus

Resolving Orgasmic Problems

Alleviating Menopausal Tribulations



PhD (Russia), FACS (USA)

Board Certified Sexologist, The American College of Sexologists (USA)
Doctor Sexologiae, Academy for Sexology (South Africa)
Diplomate, The American Board of Sexology (USA)
Life Founding Fellow, South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (South Asia)
Member, Middle East Sexual Health Committee (WAS-Middle East)
Sexpert, SimplySxy – The Sex & Sexuality Magazine (Singapore)
Co-Author, The World Book of Love (Belgium)
Recipient, The Medal of Excellence (SL)
Director & Professor, South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (South Asia)
Visiting Professor, Nepal Institute of Human Sexuality (Nepal)
Professor of Sexology, The Academy of Sexology (International)

Previous Designations

Dean & Professor, Human Sexuality Studies Programme CIU (Vanuatu)
Dean, Human Sexuality Studies Programme CEC (London, UK)
Associate Professor, Vagrod University (USSR)
Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Sexologists (USA)
Member, International Society for Sexual Medicine (The Netherlands)
Member, World Association for Sexual Health (WAS)
Member, Association for Psychological Science (USA)
Member, Sexual Dysfunction Association (United Kingdom)

Pornography Experience

Co-Director, Penclit Pornographic Film Production Company (USSR)
Editor, Sin Valley Pornographic Film Studio (USA)

Supporting Team Members

Malik Naseer Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer, Primax Medical Complex, Rawalpindi

Dr. Irum Rasheed

B.S. Honours (Radiology), M.S (Healthcare Management)

Radiologist & Sonologist

Mr. Asadullah

Chief Technician

Dr. Taimoor Rauf

Chief Information Officer